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DI / KXCI Correspondence --- 2-13-04 --- (added 3-20-04)
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Letter from DI Committee to KXCI GM Larry Bruce 2-13-04


February 13, 2004


Mr. Larry Bruce

General Manager, KXCI


Dear Mr. Bruce:


As I indicated to you previously, in order to assist KXCI in the verification of the petitions, we have again reviewed the initial 483 membership signatures in support of the Democracy Initiative submitted to you on January 12, 2004. As I explained at the time, I estimated that there were about 100 of those names we could not find on the membership list KXCI provided. The enclosed list of 381 names of petition signers includes all the individual names of KXCI members that are found in the data provided by KXCI. Those petitioners whose names could not be found on the membership list have been left off of the enclosed list. The "Company" number listed on the right margin corresponds to the number printed on the top right of each petition we submitted to you. The names are in general alphabetical order for easy reference. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for verification. We would be willing to assist you further on verification if possible.


As you know, we submitted an additional number of petitions since January 12th, totaling 506 names. We continue to receive newly signed petitions every week, and will submit them as well, if necessary. However, we firmly believe that this submittal of these initial 381 names verifies that we have received over 100 more than the required 10% (or approximately 271) needed for an election to change the KXCI bylaws as advocated by the Democracy Initiators.


With regards to your four positions articulated in your February 9, 2004 letter, we are not in agreement with regards for the need to hire an independent auditor for signature verification and the inflated costs projected, nor the process you have outlined in terms of how the election will be held. But we are hopeful that logic, common sense, and a respect for due process will prevail, and the will of the members will be respected.


You have asked for, and received, four names from our Democracy Initiative group who would be willing to sit and discuss these issues. We hope that you and some representatives of the Board are still willing to engage in dialog with us to move this process forward. We request that a discussion of the Democracy Initiative process be added to the KXCI Board meeting agenda of February 18, 2004 so that we can, hopefully, resolve these differences in person. We agree with your statement that: "there is no reason for this to be an adversarial process." We look forward to a cooperative relationship in a fair and valid election process. We await your response, and that of the Board.




Scott D. Egan

For the Democracy Initiative