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DI Committee to KXCI membership 2nd mailing 12/29/03 --- (added 3-20-04)
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Letter from DI Committee to the KXCI membership pointing out
"inconsistencies" in KXCI's Segue insert about the Democracy
Initiative and more info about how to join and help support
the movement



P.O. BOX 2012  TUCSON, AZ.  85702

Phone: 520 620-6353



Dear KXCI Member:


An unsigned letter inserted in your December issue of the KXCI "Segue" newsletter attacking the KXCI Democracy Initiative is a classic example of misstatement, distortion and scare tactics. The letter refers to "people not associated with KXCI" who want to "radically change" .KXCI. We want to set the record straight on who is doing what, and why.


Who is behind the KXCI Democracy Initiative?


KXCI is composed of members who own the station. When you join KXCI you become a member of the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting, Inc. All members have the same rights. One right is the right to join with others when proposing changes in the By-laws. The many KXCI members who support the KXCI Democracy Initiative are current and former members, programmers, founders and volunteers as well as former members of the Board of Directors;. The staff sent you a letter saying that the KXCI Democracy Initiative supporters are "individuals not associated with KXCI. " You should ask yourself why they would lie to you about that simple matter.


Who can obtain the membership list?


The KXCI staff letter said "a court order, contested by KXCI lawyers, required us to provide them with your name and address.  We take your privacy very seriously." So do we. But a membership initiative is a right under the KXCI By-laws, a, right that can only be exercised with access to the membership list. It is a right guaranteed by Arizona law.   KXCI staff violated their own By-laws and state law when they refused to allow Bill Risner, a KXCI lifetime member, access to the membership list on behalf of KXCI Democracy Initiative supporters. He was forced to sue in Superior Court in order to enforce a clear legal right. That lawsuit, which he won, cost KXCI around five thousand dollars because the court directed them to pay both his lawyers and the station's lawyers. It was your $5.000 in membership money that the KXCI administration used to fight this losing and unworthy fight. The court even admonished KXCI for its refusal to turn over the list. Who then was the station management protecting ~ the rights of its members or the anti-democratic policies of an entrenched self-appointed Board?


How many members are on the current Board of Directors?


The current By-laws provide for a board of directors of up to twenty members, only six of whom may be elected, (with only three elected in one year) and up to fourteen appointed. The KXCI staff letter states: "our twelve-member board includes five people who were elected by the membership and seven who were appointed." Their letter neglected to inform you that they can stack the desk even further by appointing up to eight additional members to the board under the existing By-laws. You, as a member, have no say with regards to any of those appointed members who make up the overwhelming majority of the board.


Has that always been the situation?


No it has not. The station was founded with and has always had a majority elected Board. The Democracy Initiative will not "radically change " the station as the KXCI staff letter says but will restore the Board to its former balance, with a majority elected board. Instead of giving back the membership our rightful authority, now the present board wants to hire an out-of-state consultant for up to $5,000 (again. with your membership money) to "facilitate" communication. This is from a board that refuses to allow the public to speak at a call to the audience in their meetings.


Why was the change made?


The change was intended to defeat membership control. As explained by then Foundation President Rick Bacal: " ...the members may not be acting, benefiting the community. In fact, they may not remember who the community is at times..." Who is to say what is the best direction of the station? We -- the supporters of the KXCI Democracy Initiative - say that it is the members. The present KXCI Administration says that it is a self-perpetuating board of appointed members. They say only such an appointed Board can prevent thousands of stooges for "religious broadcasters" from joining KXCI and getting elected to the Board. Their answer is an appointed Board that is outside membership control - a board that actually would be easier to manipulate by special interests. The real issue is democracy. We are not afraid of our fellow members. But we cannot succeed with our attempts at restoring a majority elected board unless two-thirds of those voting support the changes we propose. And we need your help.


The KXCI Democracy Initiative has three basic goals:

1.   To restore a democratically elected majority on to the KXCI Board of Directors. 

2.   To include one representative of the programmers/volunteers on the KXCI Board.

3.   To institute a grievance policy and procedure for KXCI programmers/volunteers.    


What can you do? First, as a member of KXCI you can sign the petition we sent you (contact us if you need another one). Secondly, send us a donation to help defray the costs of these mailings. KXCI is using your membership dues to fight us, while we are taking money out of our own pockets to fight what we think is a worthy struggle and could use your financial help. (Please remember your contribution is NOT tax deductible and does not go to KXCI). And finally, get educated on what the real issues are. You can do that by visiting our website at http://savekxci.tripod.com_, join the kxcibulletinboard listserve at and/or check the archives of the Tucson Weekly about us. Please join us in helping bring back democracy to our KXCI "Community" Radio.



Don Copler                          Scott D. Egan   

Member                               Former Programmer


Jason LeValley                   John Murphy

Former Programmer         Former Programmer         


Michael Haggerty               Kali Holtschlag 

Long-term Underwriter    Member                


Bill Risner                            Jim Swope

Former Board Member      Former Programmer


Nick Van Kleeck                  David Yerkey

Member                               Current Programmer



The KXCI Democracy Initiative is in no way affiliated with the management of KXCI or the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting. Contributions to the KXCI Democracy Initiative are not tax deductible, nor do they go to KXCI.