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KXCI to DI Petition Signers -- 2-11-04 -- (added 3-20-04)
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Letter from KXCI BOD Executive Committee to DI Petition Signers 2-11-04

February 11,2004


Dear Democracy Initiative member:


You are receiving this letter because you signed a petition seeking a special election to amend the bylaws of KXCI. We are writing to you directly to offer a solution to the disagreements which exist between members of the Democracy Initiative and the Board of Directors. Despite the claims of some individuals, every member of the Board is absolutely committed to KXCI's mission to serve all the diverse members of our community and to keeping the station both strong and independent.


We have received petitions calling for a special election on the bylaws of the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting. We are moving forward as required under the current by laws and Arizona law to ensure that the election process is legal and fair. We are confident that the entire membership will be satisfied with the process and the results of this impending election.


An election in the current circumstances is sure to be expensive, emotional and hard fought. To spare the station and the members the bitterness of such a process, the Board is offering a full, fair and impartial mediation of all issues raised by the Democracy Initiative. Over the past few weeks, members of the Board, the staff and the Democracy Initiative have spoken with Carl Moore, a nationally recognized mediator and conflict resolution expert. Leaders of the Initiative have been positively impressed by Mr. Moore's honesty, sincerity arid willingness to listen. So have the Board and the staff.


This mediation would be public and open to all. It would be, at a minimum, broadcast live on the internet, and could be available on Access Tucson. Representatives from the Board would meet members of the Initiative. Each of the three issues (elected board membership, grievance procedure and a volunteer Board position) would be discussed. Mr. Moore would moderate to ensure that every viewpoint was fairly represented. His role would be to assist the participants in finding positive solutions to these issues.


We make this offer openly and without reservation. The Board is willing to pay the cost of this mediation.  It is our hope that an honest discussion of the issues, fully open to all FCB members and the Tucson community will facilitate a rapid and positive resolution of our differences. We believe that this is the best way to openly discuss the future of the station, reach a positive solution and demonstrate how seemingly irreconcilable problems can be resolved when all parties work together in good faith. We sincerely hope the members of the Initiative take this opening for the good of KXCI.


We look forward to your response.



Executive Committee BOD

Tom Spendiarian

Lil Espinoza

James Hannley

Kathleen Williamson

Jean-Paul Genet


Signed for the Committee by


Larry Bruce

KXCI General Manager