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DI / KXCI Correspondence --- 2-17-04 (LWVGT) - (added 3-20-04)
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Letter from DI Committee to KXCI BOD Exec. Comm. 2-17-04
(including the League of Women Voters' Greater Tucson
letter to the DI Committee regarding election procedures
and costs 2-2-04)

February 17, 2004


Dear Executive Committee:


The phrase "day late and a dollar short" came to mind when we read your curious "open offer" to "resolve this dispute through mediation." As you may recall, we had written the board months ago requesting to meet with the board only to have the board "table" the suggestion month after month. In other words, your response to our request for a dialog was silence.


Here is where we are. There is no "dispute" to be "mediated." KXCI is owned by "members." The corporation by-laws set forth the rules of the corporation. The by-laws provide that if more than 10% of the members initiate a petition for a policy change, there must be an election. That has happened. A few of the signers cannot "mediate" the request of hundreds. It is simply not legally possible.


At one of the meetings where the board "tabled" our request to speak with the board, the idea of bringing Carl Moore to Tucson was first mentioned by board member Kathleen Williamson as a way to allow members to "kvetch" or complain. The issues relating to member control through the election of board members are not kvetch issues. We are willing and gladly accept an offer to mediate the items that can be mediated such as election procedures.


Scott Egan recently sent you details demonstrating that the petition signers exceed 100 more than necessary for an election. You will recall that KXCI has had many elections over the years. Never has KXCI hired someone to telephone members to verify signatures. You plan to do so and to require us to pay for those telephone calls in an obvious attempt to stall the election. Please come to your senses and stop this nonsense. There is not now, nor has there ever been, such a requirement. If you want to challenge signatures that is your expense. We have presented the signatures of over five hundred people, that is the corporation's requirement.


We have enclosed a copy of a bid from the League of Women Voters to count the ballots. Let's work together on a mailing procedure. The technical requirements can easily be worked out once the board is willing. We think the printing costs should be around $600, the mailing around $600, and the League of Women Voters would count them for around $600. We will, of course, pay those expenses.


There are election procedures that we can discuss. This is an election among members. It should be a friendly "family" matter. We again urge you to proceed promptly with scheduling an election.


Very truly yours,


William J. Risner, Esq.

For the Democracy Initiative





630 N. Craycroft Rd.  Tucson, Arizona 85711 (520) 327-7652   Fax (520) 326-6655

February 2, 2004


Mr. William Risner, Atty.

The Democracy Initiative


Dear Mr. Risner:


The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson has been requested to estimate a contribution that would be expected if it assisted in validating the count for The Democracy Initiative election by mail related to the radio station KXCI.


The request was that the League count the votes, and match the name of each voter with his/her name on a list of those eligible to vote. That list is to be provided to the League at the time of the vote count. It is our understanding that those eligible to vote numbers somewhat over 3000 but that approximately half that number is actually expected to vote.


Our expected contribution for assisting with this election would be $600.00 Assuming the number of votes cast is around 1500, we would alphabetize the names on the envelopes, dividing them into approximately 30 piles of 50, then check them against the list which acts as a roster. We would then take the ballots, divide them likewise into piles and count Each pile must be counted twice, by two different people, and if the counts do not agree, they must be counted a third time by a third individual.


This is my understanding of what the Democracy Initiative would expect from the League. If I am in error in any pan of the above paragraph, please let me know.


It is our belief that it would take 30 person hours or approximately 10 people three hours. The exact task of course will vary with the nature of the ballot, list etc.


Please let me know if you have other questions.



Sally Davenport           

Voter Service, LWVGT

Fax 320-9166   Phone 327-5375


Contributions to the league of Women votes are not tax-deductible. Contributions to the League of Women Voters of Arizona Education Fund are tax-deductible.