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DI / KXCI Correspondence --- 10-31-03 --- (added 3-20-04)
Democracy Initiative Correspondence
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First letter from the DI Committee to Tom Spendiarian, BOD Pres
and Randy Peterson, Interim KXCI GM with the first request for
Democracy Initiative negotiations 10-31-03

                                       KXCI DEMOCRACY INITIATIVE


October 31, 2003


Thomas Spendarian   

President, Board of Directors, FCB


Randy Peterson

Interim General Manager, KXCI


Dear Thom. & Randy:


The Tucson community has begun gathering signatures for an initiative process to .amend the by-laws of the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting . The process has been named the KXCI Democracy Initiative. It's main features include changing the structure of the FCB Board of Directors to a majority of elected positions, a volunteer elected representative on the board and a grievance policy and procedure for volunteers. There has been a very positive response so far. We anticipate having the requisite number of member signatures shortly in order to generate a vote on our propositions.


We want representatives of our group to meet and discuss these matters with the FCB Board of Directors in an open meeting to see if the Board will voluntarily adopt these measures. We request that we be put on the agenda for the November, 20O3 Board meeting.


We believe that having a Board that is elected from and answerable to the community it serves is good for the station and we believe the members feel the same way. We believe community and democracy are what this station should be all about and hope you agree.


We ask that the two of you circulate this letter and the attached proposed amendments to the by-laws to all current members of the Board. We ask that you respond in writing within the next two weeks as to whether the Board will entertain these matters at the November, 2O03 Board meeting.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. We took forward to hearing from you.


Very truly yours,

For the KXCI Democracy Initiative Group


Billie Joe Risner          Scott D. Egan          John Murphy