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       Is  KXCI  really "community radio"?                 

You have probably heard the change in the music at KXCI over the past four years - more repetition of  mainstream hits and less diverse programming.   WHY?  The management is intent on transforming your station into a "commercially successful" station.


What you won't hear on the air is the way that "community radio" treats its many volunteers and members who bring you the music that you love. 


Did you know...


*Censorship is rampant!  Programmers have been forbidden to play music that conflicts with management's political or moral viewpoints.  A special Labor Day program, initially approved by management, was canceled at the last minute (after three programmers put in many hours of work) because it was too political.  The program director recently informed a programmer that Take a Walk on the Wild Side by Velvet Underground (?) was inappropriate! 


* Volunteer programmers must sign a "volunteer agreement" that provides for immediate dismissal for "any reason or no reason at all."  All grievance procedures have been eliminated.  The Board president said the purpose of this agreement is to establish that volunteers have no rights or status.   A recognized professional in volunteer management described this agreement as "demeaning and insulting."  


*Programmers are disciplined and removed for breaking "rules" but are not told beforehand what the rules are.  Programmers who disagree with management have been disciplined for the most minor infractions and are routinely treated in a disrespectful and demeaning manner.  Other programmers are not disciplined for identical infractions.


*The Board of Directors has changed the bylaws so that 14 seats are appointed by the Board and only 6 are elected by the membership.  Previously, all seats were elected by you, the members.  The volunteer programmers seat on the Board of Directors was eliminated so they have no voice in station decision making, despite the fact that they donate hundreds of hours each week to fill approximately 90% of the programming schedule.


*The Community Advisory Board (CAB), essential to providing independent community input, is handpicked from a select group of local non-profit organizations.  Although required by FCC regulations, KXCI operated for several years without a meeting of a CAB.  The recent formation of new CAB was carefully manipulated by management to ensure a limited voice for many segments of our diverse community.

 * Many dedicated and long-contributing programmers are being summarily dismissed for disagreeing with these  management policies (example's are the elimination of Celtic Crossroads, Jim's Joke Joint, Hip-Hop Show and Dead Air's co-host!)

* Diversity of staff, volunteers and programming content is decreasing; human rights and environmental PSAs are being rejected.  Does community radio really reflect our community?


Does this sound like YOUR vision of community radio?   Want to find out what's REALLY happening at YOUR community radio station?  Please join friends of KXCI for uncensored discussion of important KXCI issues.   Check out the KXCI Bulletin Board website! (unaffiliated with KXCI-FM or the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting). 

To join this discussion, type the following address into your internet browser: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KXCIBulletinBoard and share your view of what community radio means to YOU!
Thank you for supporting REAL community radio in Tucson!